More abundantly

Photos: Yesterday I had time to go out with my camera for a while. The skies were overcast in town, but I saw some interesting light to the west so I pointed myself in that direction. I asked the Lord for a bit of light, both in my life, and on the hills so I might get one good shot. I followed the sun westward and ended up on a logging road that led to St. Marys Lake and the headwaters of the St. Marys River, then circled back by Marysville Falls at twilight. He supplied abundantly more than I asked. Out of this abundance I share with you.

Can you see the house in the above photo? It puts the size of these trees into perspective.

…and many more, which I may post at a later date…

Oh, wait. I have to include this one, just because I don’t think you will see community bulletin boards like this one in Toronto or Pittsburgh or Mumbai:

8 thoughts on “More abundantly

    1. You know, Francine, the fact that you take the time to comment is always an encouragement –and a fine example. I must learn to type my appreciation instead of silently admiring someone’s work –like yours –which I really enjoy, by the way.


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