More Than Words III

Good morning, dear
Good morning, dear

Today I am so grateful for a man who has faithfully shown his love in more than words since our engagement 41 years ago today.

He has said I love you by

going to work every morning

coming home every night

emptying the dishwasher

taking out the garbage

remembering to get the oil changed

unplugging the toilet

covering my desk with chocolates

laughing at my jokes

letting me use him as an excuse when I don’t want to volunteer for something

getting up at night when the kids were babies

telling his mother his allegiance was to me now

learning Koine Greek

pushing my wheelchair when my leg didn’t work

critiquing my writing and telling me that image might mean something else to other people (Good grief. How many names does it need?)

disagreeing and doing it anyway

disagreeing and not budging

putting his bacon in the freezer and my organic kale in the fridge

eating burnt toast with a smile

letting me choose the paint colours

praying for me and our family every day as he goes for his morning jog

demonstrating fearless generosity when money was tight

always being willing to study and learn more about God

putting Jesus first.


I love you, my man.