Well, we made it through another winter, Ma.

IMG_2302 crocus backlight


I’m unduly fond of the little crocus flower with its white fuzz showing up like the tiny hairs on Grandma’s chin in the sun. When I was a child I brought Grandma a fistful of prairie crocus blooms as soon as they poked through last season’s dead leaves of grass. Grandpa would say, “Well, we made it through another winter, Ma. There’s your proof.”

We made it through.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Well, we made it through another winter, Ma.

  1. Thank God for his reminders of resurrection life! Beautiful crocus, a reminder of the seeds of new life spring out of what appears dead. The warmth of the Son, shines his love into that which had no life and brings fresh life! 🙂


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