A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Our son-in-love, who has been unconscious, but for a few moments, for nineteen days woke long enough to communicate with nods, smiles and grimaces for a short time yesterday. Our daughter’s heart was encouraged when he made a kissing gesture toward her.

His faithful friend, on the other side of the bed asked if he could have one too. “John” made a kissy face and rolled his eyes toward him.

We go on. We continue to pray for complete healing after flesh-eating disease and sepsis ravaged his body. Some of the medical staff have encouraged his day-and-night companions to continue to pray as they say it is only by the miracles they have seen so far that he is alive. At least one of them is not an atheist anymore.

We go on praying and trusting. We have a kiss -no, two kisses, to build a dream on.

5 thoughts on “A Kiss to Build a Dream On

  1. It is during the hard times, that the sweet becomes sweeter. God has great things ahead for your son-in-law and daughter. Otherwise the enemy would not be trying so hard to come against him. Jesus died not only for our salvation from sin and disease but also for each to complete the destiny for which they were created. I”m rooting for you and your family! God has you nestled close to his heart.


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