Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep No More

more than this

After hearing reports from friends this weekend who were eye witnesses to marvelous goings on in other parts of the world where people are hungry for God and Holy Spirit came in power, I actually felt a little discouraged. I wept. Why not here?

We are so comfortable, so complacent. Would we walk two days to have the chance to learn more about Jesus Christ? Would we meet night after night, year, after year, to pray for our people and for those who would try to stifle and kill us, like they do in places where being passionate about your beliefs means laying your life on the line?

We are I am so complacent. The biggest problem taking up space in my worry quotient right now is how to get my dishwasher fixed when the only repairman in town is going on vacation for a month. God forgive me.

There must be more than this.

After a night of waking to the sound of weeping and wailing (I really don’t know where it came from) I got up with the chorus of this song on repeat in my head. I’m learning to pay attention to things like that. I haven’t heard it in years and I didn’t know any of the other words until I found a YouTube version with subtitles (such as they are). It spoke to my heart. It is God who parts the waters, not me. My task is simply to keep my eyes on him.

He is up to something. Just watch.

Bruce Springsteen, the prophet. Who knew? Enjoy.

(Mary probably refers to Mary of Bethany who wept for her brother Lazarus before Jesus raised him from the dead. Apparently the “booing” sound at the end is actually people calling “Bruce, Bruuuuuce” and “smoked the world with a 2×4” should be “smote the waters.”)

4 thoughts on “Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep No More

  1. Valerie

    More of God’s synchronicity….Amy & I were just praying for something yesterday where we were asking for a huge display of Holy Spirit power for someone who could really use it right now…reflecting on just what you were saying. Also, I had one of my periodic & unexplainable awake in the night for a couple of hours & just pray. Hmmmmm.


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