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  1. Love your blog. Charis:) Love the pictures, the poems, et al.:) Love the rants! I have a few rants, too. To wit: Why is it that we always underestimate the Plus side–i.e., God-Infinity-big-and-infinity-small, etc.? It’s as if we want to pigeon-hope God! I guess we all want something more simple to understand. We want simple instructions and easier tasks. So we overlook the power of the negative (the Devil, if you will). We pooh-pooh evil conspiracies and ignore True Evil in the hope that there is only Positive in our future beyond as long as we consider only the positive? It’s as if we somehow think Heaven will just be there for us by and by, even though we may not lift a real finger in defence of Goodness and Fairness. Why do we neglect to spend any real amount of glial tissue in considering all that we must do for God before we leave this particular plane of existence? Those are just some of my observations of my own idiocies and the those of others.


  2. Thanks Marysue. Coming from you that’s a real compliment. Yer a thinker. 🙂 I agree we do tend to underestimate the immenseness of God -in the infinitely big and infinitely small -and we do tend to want to create him in our own image -or the image of authority figures past. So there’s this story of a giant angel showing up just before Joshua goes into battle. Josh asks him, “Whose side are you on? Ours or the enemies?” The angel looks at him like he’s a blithering idiot and says, “I’m on God’s side. Whose side are you on?” It’s about realizing that by our actions we choose to align ourselves with one side or the other. I think we make the error of either ignoring the reality of evil (or devil, if you will) and concentrate on gaining personal peace and prosperity -or we become obsessed with its power -in which case we are tempted to never get out of bed or conversely try to strangle it with our own puny hands. In either case our eyes need to be on Jesus who cleans us up, strengthens us, equips us to become who we were meant to be, and gives us more effective battle plans -which include him doing most of the work by multiplying our (maximum) efforts. In my mind focusing on the positive (the goodness of God) is not being a Pollyanna. I am reconciled to the reality of evil -I’ve met it plenty of times- I’m just choosing not to listen to it.(Well, that’s the goal)


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